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SAMR Model

When choosing to integrate technology in your instructional practice, the SAMR Model provides a good measuring stick for evaluating whether the technology is enhancing student learning or transforming student learning. Much like Bloom's Taxonomy of Learning has long been used to provide educators with a general continuum upon which to analyze their curricular choices, SAMR can be used in much the same manner relative to technology integration.

TECH Model

Developed by Jen Roberts, who along with Diana Neebe authored Power Up: Making the Shift To 1:1 Teaching and Learning, the Tech Model is one that focuses on student and teacher actions, rather than on the tasks being performed. This guideline can be used as an alternative to or in conjunction with the SAMR Model.

TECH Model

Roberts outlines her thinking in developing the Tech Model in her education blog here: Turning SAMR Into Tech.

Bloom's Digital Taxonomy

This video highlights the evolution of Bloom's taxonomy and how it has been reframed to incorporate today's digital environment.

Here is a nice illustration of how digital verbs and tech tools are applicable as they relate to Bloom's taxonomy.

digital verbs and tech tools relation to Bloom's taxonomy

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