1:1 FAQs

How do I get started?

Great question. Here is a short list of suggestions to keep in mind if you are beginning your 1:1 journey.

  • Start small. Try one new tech integration activity, then build from there.
  • Make it meaningful. Use tech as a means to integrate at least one of the 4 Cs (communication, collaboration, critical thinking, creativity) into your lesson.
  • Look for YouTube tutorials. Don't know how to do something? There is no better resource than YouTube.
  • Practice using the chromebook or digital tool first. A sure way to bolster your confidence in the classroom is to be familiar with the tools in your toolbox.
  • Don't be afraid of bumps in the road. Whether you use tech or not, sometimes the lesson bombs. So what?! Own it, learn from it, and move on. :)

Here's an article from ISTE that outlines these suggestions: Start Small When Integrating Ed Tech.

What if my students get distracted while on their Chromebooks?

To say that students may get distracted is like saying water may get you wet! We know it's going to happen. Having said that, students need to learn to manage their behavior and we can help them out with that with some classroom management strategies. Establishing a lid up/lid down narrative can be helpful. Announcing or posting a daily plan that outlines when their Chromebooks will be needed can also help to establish expectations for when and how the device will be used on that day. Finally, ACTIVELY facilitate and engage with your students! This is very difficult to do if you are working at your desk. Like any other classroom management strategy, the key is to establish expectations on the first day of school and to maintain CONSISTENT practices.

Since the students will have their Chromebooks all the time, am I expected to have them use them for everything? What about paper - am I expected to have a paperless classroom?

Because your students have a Chromebook, you, the teacher, will have access to more educational tools for your toolbox. Just because you have a tool, however, doesn't mean that it's the best tool or the only tool for the job. So, to answer the question, have the students use the Chromebook where it fits within the instructional practices of your curriculum. You are the teacher, so you are the arbiter of which tool is the best one for the job at hand. The same philosophy applies to printing. If you determine that students need to print something, then they should print. If not, they shouldn't. The goal of 1:1 is NOT to go paperless; it is to change the task to enhance learning.

On that note, here is an interesting post from Matt Miller, author of Ditch That Textbook, that outlines conditions under which you should choose a "no tech" option: 6 Reasons You Should Ditch Your EdTech.

Will this require me to change the way I teach?

Because students will have this device available to them at all times, you will gain valuable instructional time. Even more importantly, a 1:1 environment creates the opportunity for authentic personalization of teaching and learning for each student. Students can learn at their own pace and ability levels and can take advantage of the worldwide experiences and resources available online and just in time. Teachers become facilitators of powered up learning experiences - meaningfully linking technology to curriculum and instruction (www.one-to-oneinstitute.org). So, in short, teaching in a 1:1 environment may inspire to you to make some positive changes to the way that you teach.

Why are our students using Chromebooks as opposed to laptops, tablets, or some other mobile device?

Chromebooks provide the user with a web browser and a single sign on, making them incredibly easy for students to use. Since students already know how to use the Chromebooks, you as the teacher don't have to spend valuable class time to troubleshoot them. Also, from a management standpoint, the IT department can push out organization wide updates without any service interruption, ensuring that the student doesn't lose valuable learning time wrangling with their device.

What does 1:1 mean?

This ratio simply means that there will be one device - in our case, a Chromebook - provided to every student.

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