SAU News

Superintendent Message

We are completing our third week of remote learning. We implemented remote learning with just one day of preparation. This is an amazing accomplishment and I believe we have exceeded all expectations given this short time frame. There have been many challenges and successes along the way. We continue to learn, grow, and improve on our ability to meet the daily challenges of remote learning. No matter what the challenges are, our students, staff, and parents continue to meet those challenges and crush it!

Thank you all for the over 800 responses to our survey. The feedback was extremely positive and it has given us a great deal of information to continue to improve remote instruction and learning. We continue to explore modifying the current instructional schedule in order to better meet our students and staff needs. As we get used to the current schedule, it becomes easier to identify what our needs are going forward. More on this possibility will be forthcoming.

Below are some updates that I wish to share with you.

April Vacation Week – 4/27 thru 5/1 – No School

We have decided to maintain our traditional April vacation week. In discussions with staff, administration, parents, and students, it was clear that we need some time off to recharge and reflect on the work we have been doing.

Use of School Facilities

Next week we will be moving to one day of tech support for our teachers and students. On Wednesday, April 8, 2020, our tech support personnel will be available (by appointment only) to assist with tech tickets that could not be solved remotely. Buildings will be open on a more limited basis for staff. Please look for communication from your principal on the hours and instructions to access the buildings.

School playgrounds, fields, and tennis courts are not to be used at this time. We wish to help do our part and promote social distancing. Police will be patrolling school grounds and ask anyone in these areas to leave. We do however wish people to remain healthy and active. For this reason, Harris Track will be the one exception and be available for public use. Please remember to remain six feet away from others and remember the track is for walking, or jogging. No bicycles, roller blades, or cleats, are permitted. We wish to have this track for a long time and encourage all to do their part to protect it.

Recording Online Teaching Sessions

On a separate matter, it’s come to our attention that some students may be recording online teaching sessions or taking pictures without disclosing this to others in the remote classroom. This isn’t appropriate but more importantly, in New Hampshire it’s illegal to record a conversation or discussion without others agreeing to be recorded. New Hampshire is a two party consent state and we do not wish for our students to get in trouble if they are unaware of this law. We also do not want students posting pictures of minors (fellow students) without parental consent. Very few concerns have been raised, but it is important to encourage our children to be respectful of everyone involved and aware of the expectations.

I continue to be proud of all the work our staff, students, parents, administrators, and School Board are doing to support remote learning and the success of our students during this crisis. We continue to meet all challenges before us and are reminded daily we are all in this together. Thank you and enjoy the weekend.

Bill Furbush
Superintendent of Schools