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Naviance Family Connection is a comprehensive website that provides a unique individualized experience for our students to engage in early college/career readiness activities. PHS counselors will be working with your student(s) on their college/career planning throughout their four years.

Students and Parents Access    Teacher Access

Naviance Student allows your student to:

  • Participate in college/career planning - Build a resume, complete online surveys, and manage timelines for making decisions about colleges/careers.
  • Research colleges - Use SuperMatch™ College Search to explore college options, select Compare View, Pin your favorites, and view other resources.
  • Research careers - Take career assessments, research careers and career clusters.
  • Create plans for the future - Create personal plans and to-do lists to become better organized to meet future college/career goals.
  • Naviance Student allows us to share information with you about upcoming college visits, scholarship opportunities, and other resources for college/career planning.

Parents/Guardians will be able to access their student's Naviance account with their own login information and password. We strongly recommend that parents/guidance register for an account to become familiar with the many resources and tools that are available through Naviance.

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