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Learning Through Service

In an effort to promote civic responsibility and to encourage our Pelham youth to make a commitment to serve others, the Pelham School Board approved the Community Service Program. All students must perform and document 40 hours of service (10 hours for each year at PHS) as a requirement for graduation. This program provides service to society and the enhancement of the quality of life. PHS seeks to guide students in meaningful community service and service learning. College admissions and scholarship selection committees look most favorably upon service to the community.

Generally, activities originating in the town of Pelham have been pre-approved so students only need to use the Completion Form.

All community service activities must meet the following criteria:

  • Benefit the community-at-large or some other specific component of the community
  • Be a learning experience
  • Be unpaid
  • Be a direct service to members of the community, but not to members of the student's immediate or extended family
  • Be approved by the PHS Community Service Team, using the Pre-Approval Form


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