Future Ready Technology Plan

What does it mean to be a Future Ready School District?

In the fall of 2014, our Superintendent signed the Future Ready Pledge. The Future Ready Pledge is a commitment from Superintendents to lead their districts through a digital transformation that prepares our students for college, careers, and citizenship.

Immediately after, a team comprising district technology staff, library media specialists and the Superintendent attended a Future Ready Summit in Rhode Island to learn about the Dashboard that would help districts facilitate technology planning. From this dashboard, our district technology committee spent the year surveying stakeholders, creating shared vision statements, goals and objectives. The vision statements and goals were shared at each school through their school specific technology committee’s to gather input and make any necessary modifications. In February of 2016, the Pelham School District was recognized nationally on Digital Learning Day as one of 44 school districts to complete the in-depth planning process.

All accompanying documents to supplement our Future Ready Plan can be found on this page and are also linked within the document. You can also refer to our previous plan.


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