Connect2 Student FAQs

Will I be issued the same Chromebook next year?

Yes, you will keep the same Chromebook for three years unless you are a Junior or Senior next year. Seniors will keep their Chromebooks for one year and then turn them in upon graduation and Juniors will keep their Chromebooks until graduation as well. (2 years).

Can a student/parent/guardian repair a Chromebook?

No. If anything is wrong with your Chromebook please bring it to the designated repair desk in your school. We have replacement parts as well as specific knowledge of the device.

What happens if device accessories are lost or stolen?

Please report any lost or stolen devices to your building principal.

How do I get technical assistance if my Chromebook is not working properly?

If your chromebook is not working properly, please bring it to the Library Media Center and the PHS student help desk will try to help and diagnose the issue. If they cannot fix it quickly, you will be issued a loaner.

What if I forget to charge my Chromebook battery?

You are expected to come to school with your Chromebook fully charged every day. The chromebooks have an 8-10 hour battery charge that should last through the day.

Will I be required to bring my Chromebook to school every day?

Yes. Treat your Chromebook like any other tool or supply you need for classes.

Can I personalize my Chromebook with stickers?

Yes, but the stickers you apply must be removable. We will have stickers available for examples on the distribution day.

What is the device protection fee and what happens if my Chromebook is damaged by an accident?

There will be a $14.00 device fee for grades 8-12 that will cover all accidental damage (unlimited times). The price will be $20.00 for students in grades 6 and 7. In the first year of ownership, the device will also be covered against all defects. If your Chromebook is damaged, we will issue you a loaner until your replacement arrives. This cost is a yearly cost.

Why is the school district purchasing a Chromebook for every student?

We want to make technology accessible to students so that learning can occur anytime and anywhere. Technology helps to promote collaboration, communication critical thinking and problem solving and creativity. (The 4 C’s) We also want to increase opportunities for global collaboration.

Am I required to use the carrying bag?

Yes. When travelling between classes your chromebook must be protected and carried in the protective case. The case was designed to be slim and to fit inside student backpacks.

What comes with the Chromebook?

The Chromebook will come with a carrying bag and a charger.

What about our labs in the high school?

We will still have the CAD lab and the Phototech lab for specialized courses where students learn to use Solidworks, Java, or Adobe products. These labs are a necessary resource for our students who specialize in specific path or want the opportunity to learn industry software.

When will I get my Chromebook?

Students will receive their Chromebooks during the first week of school.