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These are the Social Emotional Re-visioning Committee Members. All teachers and staff are integral to the social-emotional learning of our students.
Mrs. Provencher, Mr. Phillips, Mrs. Tarallo, Mrs. Parent, Mr. Alexander,
Mrs. Nugent, Mrs. Scanio, Mr. Gloor

What We've Done

*On Monday March 20th 100 students and 25 adults were able to participate in Pelham High School’s 1st Challenge Day. Challenge Day is a fun and engaging social-emotional learning program that is designed to build empathy, inclusivity, and greater school connectedness. The student and adult participants spent the day learning to lower their waterlines (get real) and how to offer support to one another in a meaningful way. The day is designed to inspire peace, create hope and challenge everyone to find their affinity for all people.

“It was nice to see the teachers participate as much as students. We were no longer separated into two categories. We were all together as humans.” - Samantha Chiodi, Student

"Challenge Day was an amazing experience for all who were able to participate. In fact, many of the students encouraged the school to continue to offer the experience so that their classmates could also participate. We hope that this is an opportunity we will be able to offer again and again."

“I learned that it’s ok to show emotion. It’s ok to be real and that you’re not alone in situations and you’re always going to have someone there for you, doesn’t matter how small it is.” -KimSara I, Student

The work we began on Challenge Day cannot stop now. We ask that students, families, and school staff continue to reinforce the concepts and skills that we learned on this day. The “Be the Change Movement” is a project about service and giving back to the world. The program challenges students and adults to do one intentional random act of kindness daily (they call it an “Act of Change”) that will benefit others. We ask you to NOTICE what’s happening in the world around you, to CHOOSE actions that create positive change, and to ACT as a role model for kindness and compassion. If you want more information about Challenge Day please visit

We have been utilizing data from the School Climate Survey to determine needs of our students, parents and community.

What We're Doing Soon


At each school we have begun social and emotional learning classrooms. Each has a special education teacher who is available to provide support to students in a smaller classroom setting with individualized instruction to focus on their social and emotional needs which impact their ability to complete school work or daily activities of school life. At PES, the teacher is Ms. Bradshaw, at PMS the teacher is Mr. Evans and at PHS the teacher is Mrs. Scanio.

Dr. Lessard, Director of Student Services, Mr. Hoffman, Assistant Director of Student Services, Mrs. Kilabuk, School Psychologist and Mr. Alexander, Assistant Principal at Pelham High School attended the School Mental Health Conference in Washington DC in October 2017. The group presented their plan to other school district representatives about developing a comprehensive school mental health system- including a multi-tiered system of support for behavior (MTSS-B) and social/emotional learning (SEL).

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